Am I ready?

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Am I ready for spring? Technically, yes. Still, I don’t know how excited I am to brave the MN/ND winter (it is -15 below today, core temperature) to get to school each day. I try to remind myself that it is just two more months of possibly extremely cold temps (Jan and Feb) while March improves and April signifies spring, most of the time. Other than the cold, I am ready and quite anxious. I want to get this semester started because

A. I signed up for classes I wanted to take since there were no “required” core classes. (The one many are taking is one I have already taken as a MA student).

B. I am teaching classes for humanities majors (and social science majors).

C. Spring means it is closer to summer and summer means a person can enjoy being outside.

I am teaching this summer (as far as I know) so that I can make some money. It is tempting to use the whole summer as time to pursue my own interests and studies, but money becomes far too necessary and I dislike living off of savings as I have done in the past.

My online class gets into full swing tomorrow. I don’t start teaching (on ground) and classes until Wednesday. Soon, soon.


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