How Jessica spends her Saturdays

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

I was planning to go out last night (Friday night), but didn’t. Probably an all right change of plans because I was exhausted from the week. (I slept a total of 11 hours and went to bed at nine because I honestly could not read anymore.)

So how did I spend my Saturday? (You probably aren’t asking this, but I’m telling you):


  • I went shopping and purchased three new skirts in hopes that the weather warms up soon
  • I drank a lot of tea. In fact, the only binge drinking I have been doing since this semester started is binge drinking tea.
  • I made very lutheranized coffee. (maybe not fun, but whatever.)
  • I wasted time watching Hulu


  • Graded the first assignments for my students and posted the grades to Blackboard and my excel gradebook spreadsheet
  • Wrote lesson plans for this upcoming week (I only had to do some minor edits on Monday and Wednesday and write all of Friday’s. By the way, teaching my 2pm class on Friday is like pulling teeth, as my mother would say. No one, of course, wants to talk. I, of course, am boring. Teaching on a Friday afternoon is always a test of will.)
  • Wrote a sample response to Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience in the act of writing with my students
  • Started re-reading Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience (note these are not in order and the idea I wanted to respond to came in the early part of the work. Plus, I’ve read this before. Don’t judge. You know you do it too if you teach.)
  • Started reading for English 759. I totally love reading for History of Writing Instruction. I love history. I love writing. I love instruction. It can’t get much better. We even got to draw pictures on the first day (and of course it had a purpose).

What I didn’t do that I probably could have done:

  • Cleaned something (beside my dirty dishes. By the way, my room is already very clean. I’m very organized and a neat freak.)
  • Started by reading for English 659. (I love the class, but I hate reading that textbook even though I understand why we need to read the textbook. It is best left for reference, honestly. But I will start this tomorrow.)
  • Watched Netflix.
  • Read for pleasure (I usually do this before bed.)

What I do know:

This weekend is going to go by way too fast. Goodbye, Saturday. Soon to be hello, Sunday. (and hopefully hello warmer weather.)


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