What we expected and what we got

Monday, August 13th, 2012

What we expected and what we got

Days of sunlight have settled

into a fever brought on by how we all

expected the rain  and the island cold

to brittle our bones to the marrow

now we squint our eyes into the yellow

dancing against the green leaving shadows

we cannot catch with our open bare hands

cupped together as if trying to catch water

from a stream whose name we have already forgotten

we have lost track of cities and rooms

names of people we met in pubs telling us

stories of what the real Ireland is like

as we sip the darkest beer we can find

our backs leaning against the booth

our pens leaking in our pockets as the stranger

colors in the meaning of Ireland’s history

a story full of shadows

filled in by a language we cannot

call home and our only belongings

gathered silently around a strange room.


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