The end of the semester, graduate student style

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Well, it is that time again. It is the second day of a five day week of finals. This morning I turned in a seminar paper for my Creativity class about the generative workshop, poetics and OOO. Before that, I turned in a course portfolio for English 320 Business and Professional Communication and English 321 Writing in the Technical Professions. During the remainder of this week, I will be continuing my work on a research proposal for my Communication Research class, which is going ok, though it is quantitative research, y’all. Good news is that the research proposal is not due until Friday at five, though I am planning to turn it in by noon on Friday. I also have to peer review three other research proposals by the end of the day on Wednesday for my Communication class as well.

But I am close to be done. By the time I am done, I would have had two weeks of hardcore writing, reading, and research. I took 9 credits this semester and yeah, I am feeling that. For my TA, I only need six credits, so this nine thing. Yeah. But I did a similar thing last spring semester when I was finishing up my language requirement.

After I finish, I’ll worry about my stack of grading, which this semester is an electronic stack of grading. Earlier this morning, I sent out the final reminder for my 12pm writing intensive class reminding them the portfolio is due by three tomorrow and how I will be in my office if there are any huge problems. I am hoping there will be no huge problems, but I can easily imagine a couple from this class having some kind of problem and needing to find me or sending me panicky emails about some crazy, made up story. No offense to them. I was not always a stellar student, though I never lied about my lazy.

Today I plan to spend a lot of time at the office working on that proposal and those peer review drafts. Tonight I’ll have a couple beers with friends and see an interesting Science Cafe talk. It should be a good time. By the end of the week, however, I’ll really need to de-stress before I start the long trek of grading.


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