Students who want to go to graduate school

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Confession: During an activity regarding the job packet this semester, I asked students about their plans after graduation. One student said, “I plan to go to graduate school.” Out of my mouth and without thinking about it, I said, “I don’t recommend that to my students” and then added at the end, “right after graduation. Take some time and work or do something else before you apply. That is my advice. But ultimately you need to do what feels best for you.”

Smooth move, Jessica. And no, I never take my own advice.

But I did help another student with her statement of purpose later this semester. I kind of redeemed myself there.


I just had to share that as soon as I saw that post. It was necessary.

In other news, my grades are finished. I plan to turn them in either later tomorrow or Tuesday morning. Probably Tuesday morning, pending any emails I receive. And I have received no emails yet. Hope.


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