Almost. Finished. Reading.

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

I’ve almost made it through all my reading for the comprehensive exams.


After reading five essays today, I stopped and took a count of what I had left. Seven. I have seven left. And that is pretty good if you take a look at my list. (Note the strikethrough may not be updated) But yeah. Seven. My mom always said I was a trooper, but I don’t ever think she had this in mind.

I wish I could give you an adequate timeline for when I started and when I will finish. I think I started around July 12, at least for real started. I probably will be able to finish this weekend and that would be Sept 28-29, and that is good since I start comps on October 7. That means I may actually also get some time to do some in-depth review before I take the first exam, which would be awesome and make my life easier. I also plan to type up some important quotes from my notebooks to make the writing of the timed exams easier.

I would like tell you that being this close to done takes a lot off my plate, but it really doesn’t, or at least it doesn’t feel that way to me. I feel like everything is just starting. It is as if finishing reading is just a prelude, as if this is just the preface. I feel like reading was the easy part, or one of the easier parts, though to be frank it has been one of my favorite parts of pursuing my doctorate so far, as much as I have maybe told my friends that reading for comps felt like “the project that never ends.” But I learned a lot and even today I read through two essays that i think will be influential in my dissertation and that is pretty cool. I’m excited about that. Now I am left wondering about what the rest of this process will look like and what ideas I’ll come up with during the process. I usually come up with my better arguments as I write, and come up with my better ideas when I am not writing, but just thinking about what to write. So this will be interesting, for sure.

I wish I could say something new and unique to sum up and conclude, but I really don’t know. In fact, I may know less than before. The only difference now is that when I read some secondary articles in authorship or creative writing, I can say hey, I have read that scholar. I know that work. I know exactly what you are talking about. Yeah. Ok.


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