I know there is debate about academics and blogging, so I just want to give a brief overview of why I maintain this blog in the first place.

I am a reflective, quiet individual, and so this blog helps me to think about my teaching and research more closely. You may notice that when it comes to research especially that I don’t go into too much detail, and the reason for that is because this blog is very public and I’ve seen other online media sources use my research in their own discussions without my permission. Considering debates surrounding scholarship, open-access, and tenure and promotion, I keep my research discussions vague and generalized, at best. I do share a lot of my teaching plans and assignments on occasion, however, because education is a sharing culture and I would like to promote that idea. Plus, once those assignments leave my classroom and enter your own, I  no longer feel they are mine; instead they have become your assignments.

Currently, this blog revolves around my experiences as a PhD student in English. Expect a lot of postings about teaching, learning, and my classes here, as well as some of my poetry and even some discussions about my past experiences.

Research interests: composition pedagogy, authorship, creativity, poetics, creative writing studies, feminist criticism/gender studies, digital media and rhetoric.

If you want to see a portfolio of some of my work, please click here.

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