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Adventures in Egg Bake

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

I received a crock pot for Christmas. To be honest, I’m always a bit confused when I get kitchen appliances for gifts since I’m not bestowed with any grace in the kitchen. In fact, I may lack grace in most areas of life, aside from being able to remember a lot of random facts about my many interests (Tudor England, New Media, Horror films, certain TV shows). But, as a single person and as someone in her 30s, I can see why people would get me such gifts, and I do appreciate these gifts and utilize them, though I perhaps may not always do that well.

My adventures with the crock pot, thus far, have told me that I was meant to use a slow cooker. My main problem in the kitchen is that I overcook or burn everything, mostly because I’ll find myself peering curiously into a pot, skillet, or my oven wondering, IS IT DONE YET?! and overestimating that it needs just five more minutes. During these five more minutes, I sit down at my computer to research one of my interests above and COMPLETELY LOSE TRACK OF TIME. So five minutes can turn out to be a lot more. Hence the burned food. Hence the overcooked meal.

I know. I should invest in a timer. The problem with that is that when the timer went off, I would be in the midst of this REALLY INTERESTING FACTOID about Tudor England or composing in new media and I would just shut it off and keep reading thinking a minute or two won’t hurt.


But my crock pot has also caused me to explore new recipes, and some of them are not something you would want to cook in a crock pot. One of these recipes was an egg bake, which I chose because I had extra stove top and this recipe called for stove top dressing. Great! I thought. And it looked easy, too. Fantastic! I thought. I’ll make that for supper RIGHT NOW.

So I make it and ate it. It seemed to better this morning than it was last night (maybe things just needed to settle, or something? or maybe i was just hungry? I don’t know) but here is what I have learned about egg bake:

  1. Egg bake is deceptive in its appearing simplicity. It actually takes time. It takes experimentation. I did OK, but I really overshot the simplicity=immediate goodness factor.
  2. Sausage, ham, or bacon might be helpful.
  3. I think layering would be a good idea for next time. Mixing all those ingredients together, as the recipe called for, was meh. At least for me.
  4. Cheese is absolutely necessary.
  5. When a recipe calls for two cups of Stove Top, make sure you only put it two cups and just don’t put in the whole box and say to yourself, THAT LOOKS LIKE TWO CUPS.

My egg bake with stove top wasn’t a total failure. I mean sometimes I can taste the eggs, and it is called egg bake, after all. But the stove top is a tad overpowering. But, because I’m stubborn about this egg bake thing now, I am going to try it again until I find something that works.

To be continued.