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the winter break

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

After grading and finish all final exams (the ones taught and not taught), winter break has arrived and I feel completely relaxed, for the most part. (I’d be more relaxed in my own apartment, but since it is the holidays I am at my parents’ house until tomorrow.) I’ve read at least 2 full length novels and a few chapters of other books not yet finished and none of it for school. Relaxation hasn’t been the whole of my time, however, as I have finished (or mostly finished if I decide to add the actual dates of each week on the syllabus, which I most likely will, just to be sure) the syllabus and all the assignments for my writing intensive English course. My world literature syllabus is completely done. All I have to do is rewrite some assignments, though I plan to do that when I get back to my place because all that work is on my PC.

Christmas was quiet as usual. The only thing you can hear out here is the wind, the snow hitting the windows, or the sound of water dripping from a leaky window. The town where my parents live is probably not even on a map. The street they live on is called Pleasant Street (doesn’t every town or city have one?) and it is a dead end street. My parents have a fascination for living on dead end streets.

What I’m really missing are my books, my privacy, my apartment, and my freedom to hop on the bus and go shopping. But it is nice to be here for a couple days, though my introvert self is needing her space quite badly right about now.

and I hope my winter break continues to be as productive as it has been.

I think it is also important to note that my nook has received a lot of attention lately and that I believe I have talked my dad into an ipad for himself. I plan to purchase my own eventually, but so far my nook has been keeping me pretty happy and contented.

And Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!