Assignment Descriptions from my classes

Twitter Assignment

Genre and Length: A social media profile to be completed throughout the course.

Due Date: The final exam time, TBA. Please email your twitter profile address to me at or follow me on Twitter at @adventuresinphd

Assignment Description: You will be asked to first create a Twitter profile ( for use in following organizations related to your social, political, and personal interests and other non-profit entities and/or people who are involved in non-profit organizations you are interested in to learn more about issues, discussions, and other information relating to your interests. With this assignment, you will be required to tweet relevant material that is related to these interests or goals. This means you will have to do some research on your own to learn more about these interests and/or find relevant news articles. You will also have to retweet your followers as well if something they tweet is relevant to your own interests, goals or motivations. I ask that you follow at least 10 organizations/people/etc, but you may follow more. I ask that you have at least 16 tweets and retweets meaning 8 tweets and 8 retweets during the semester, but you may have more. Each tweet and retweet should be relevant to your goals and motivations, which should be outlined on your short profile biography.

Purpose: Doing this will provide an excellent opportunity for you to see conversations regarding your interests that are happening now. Also, this may help to give you ideas for your final project. Also, using social media for organizations is very important, and I believe this assignment will give you good examples of how organizations use social media and get some practice doing it for yourself.

Rubric: Twitter Assignment


  • Tweets and retweets are 16 in total
  • Tweets relate to interests student chose to focus on, as reflected in 140 character bio
  • Student has followed at least 10 relevant organizations or people

/50 points

Design and Consistency

  • Twitter profile has a professional design that is appropriate to the subject at hand
  • Tweets and retweets took place at different times throughout the semester, i.e. student didn’t do a number of tweets or retweets in last days or weeks.

/20 points



  • Student shows an engagement with the audience and has an awareness of the audience.

/30 points


/100 points total



Proposal for Genre Remix

Points for this assignment: 100 points

Length: 1-2 pages single-spaced.

Rough draft Date due:

Final draft due date:

A proposal for this assignment will simply tell me the creative or other type of project you are doing for this class. This project can be informed from previous research you have done for another class where you do some genre manipulation of that project. For example, if you wrote an essay in one class, maybe you want to create a website for the topic in this one. Maybe you want to create an instructional video or a creative video that has a research base or a creative work that is informed by your research.

We will be spending class time to better develop your ideas so that when you draft your proposal, you have what is hopefully a strong idea.

Below is an outline of this proposal.

  • An introduction designed to interest your reader in your topic and describe the project briefly so that a general audience can understand it. Think about why will you do this for this project. How will changing genres better inform your understanding of this topic? This question will give a rationale for your genre choice. Basically, in the introduction, I want to know about this project and why this project is interesting to you so that in the next paragraph you can tell me what you hope to gain from it.
  • Next you will discuss the process and methods you will have for your project. In other words, what materials or sources will you need to complete it? You can also talk about the process you have in mind to complete this project. For example, what are some things you will need to do or know to finish this project on time? You will need to make sure this project can be done in the time frame you have, so don’t go overboard. Any genre you choose will have its own methods and processes, so keep this in mind as you write this section. If applicable, you may include any research questions you have in this section if your project is research based in some way.
  • A conclusion in which you address the learning goals you have for this project. What do you hope to learn from this? Make sure to have at least 2-3 learning goals for your project and that these learning objectives are reasonable for you considering the methods, process and project you have described.
  • A draft of your rubric for this project which should include the genre conventions, project goals and learning objectives. You can look at sample rubrics online for help. You can also find rubric builders online if you wish to use this type of application to build your rubric.

Proposal Rubric (I build this rubric with the class, but give them the info below to help start out the discussion/building of the rubric. For background, I have them work on this in small groups before we discuss it as a class.)

We will be building one in class, but feel free to look this over for some ideas.

Introduction—introducing the project with a tentative thesis

  • Frames the project
  • Includes a tentative thesis statement
  • Relatively free of grammar/mechanical errors.
    • ___/25 points

Methods/Materials—the how, the research questions

  • Methods and/or materials for research or for understanding the topic are indicated or outlined.
  • Research questions are posed, if necessary
  • Student has basically outlined how he or she will complete the task
  • Relatively free of grammar/mechanical errors
    • ____/25 points

Conclusion –what you hope to learn, the importance of this project

  • Student demonstrates why this project or research matters (addresses the “so what?” question)
  • Student should frame the conclusion in some way, such as what the student hopes to accomplish with this project or research.
  • Relatively free of grammar/mechanical errors
    • ______/25 points


  • Student has discussed learning objectives and how they will be met in the rubric.
  • Student has paid attention to genre conventions.
  • The rubric equals 100 points for the project

___/25 points

Genre Remix

Total Points: 100 points

Peer review due date:

Final draft due date: in Final Portfolio during finals week.

Length: Varies


Assignment description:

For this final assignment, you are going to create the project you proposed in your proposal. This means lengths and projects will vary. This final paper should fit well into the other work you have done this semester, as well as work you have completed in courses in your major, and therefore fit nicely into your professional portfolio as a final project.

What you will need to complete this final project:

  • The project itself. This could be a blog, website, teaching unit, a research project, or a video, just to give a few examples. But note that this is something you have already proposed, created a drafted rubric for, and me with me about in a conference.
  • A finalized rubric submitted with the project. Note if your rubric is not revised, I will be deducting points for not completing this part of the assignment.
  • A copy of the original assignment this project is based on, if applicable.
  • A reflection letter that details what you learned regarding the project you did for another class (if applicable), what you learned while completing this project (see learning goals you created in your proposal to help you with this) and any challenges you had while completing this project. If you are working with a group, please describe what you did to help your group complete the project and any problems you had working as a group, if any.

If you have any questions about this, please talk to me.  I’ll be available to review rubrics one more time prior to the final submission deadline. This will be due with the final portfolio for the course.

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